The Outfit TX sit alone and dream big in their newest video.

The Outfit TX always do this. When you believe they’re going to go outright insane with a visual to a record, they condense it to simplicity. When you think they’ll fight for simplicity, they’ll surprise you with mid-level storytelling. “Visions Of Grandeur” falls under the simple label. It features both Mel & JayHawk shirtless, laying on their back and starring at the ceiling. Like any kid or even adult has done, all JayHawk & Mel discuss are the things they want. Cars, watches, rings, women, money. All tangible items, all of which amplifies thanks to graphic reminders and the two men’s unmistakable Dallas drawl. Watch the Dance Dailey directed video now. TOTX’s lauded Green Light: Everythang Goin’ is available now.