Hear the lead single to Empire of the Sun’s “Two Vines”.

Having a conversation about Empire of the Sun always darts back to their 2008 debut, Walking On A Dream. The Australian dance-pop duo not only managed to keep festivals happy with the title track but “Standing On The Shore”, “Half Mast” & more. In a way, they along with MGMT and Justice led fans down a path of enjoyable dance-pop records to get lost in. Earlier this week Luke Steele & Nick Littlemore announced that Empire Of The Sun was releasing their latest album, Two Vines in October.

Now we have the title track and it’s just as theatric as the duo themselves. “Two Vines” focuses on the planet reclaiming itself from people and the jungle swallowing up civilization. Apologies to those who believed it would be something about short clips on Twitter. “Two Vines” sticks to the Empire of the Sun formula, big, sweeping and effective. Don’t disregard the guitar work here, it’s still an electronic boom from the Aussies. Stream it below.

Hear “High & Low”, Two Vines lead single below. The album will be released 10/28 via Astralwerks.

01. “Before”
02. “High And Low”
03. “Two Vines”
04. “Friends”
05. “There’s No Need”
06. “Way To Go”
07. “Ride”
08. “Digital Life”
09. “First Crush”
10. “ZZZ”
11. “To Her Door”
12. “Keystone”
13. “Lend Me Some Light”
14. “Welcome To My Life”
15. “Walking On A Dream (Manny Marroquin Remix)”