NBA 2K17 kicks the hype up a notch with its brand new #Friction trailer.

NBA 2K17 is less than a month away from audibly making you curse the name Golden State Warriors. The award-winning video game franchise isn’t just rolling out new graphics, improved gameplay and plenty of jersey changes, they’re still searching for perfection. Monday, 2K Sports released the #Friction trailer, titled after the Imagine Dragons song. The new trailer reveals some of the more authentic aspects in regards to the NBA experience from cheerleaders, mascots, shootarounds, camera angles and more. What we’ve gathered from the initial trailer is this: dunk teams are around to entertain fans during timeouts and breaks, crowd reaction has vastly improved and the lighting? Top notch.

For gameplay geeks like myself, there are little touches that you need notice. Boxing out for rebounds, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook fighting for control of the ball and more. There are signature player animations such as D’Angelo Russell’s “Ice In My Veins” celebration and more. Draymond Green yells to get hype, LeBron James poses after making a solid play. Kobe Bryant makes an appearance in his original number 8 Laker jersey, part of one of the many historical teams found in the game. Bryant himself is part of the Legends Edition of the game that will retail at $100 and include plenty of virtual Kobe content and more. From player reactions to shots all the way down to how a team reacts to a game winner or impactful play, 2K wanted to focus on realism to a high degree. With 2K17 and the #Friction trailer, fans get just that.

Watch the full trailer up top. NBA 2K17 will release early on September 16 for those that pre-order the game and September 20th nationally. The game will be available on the PS4, XBox One, XBox 360, PS3 and PC.