“Timmy Turner” started out as a mostly mediocre XXL Freshman Freestyle for emerging emcee Desiigner. But perhaps how you finish matters more than how you start. In the months since, the freestyle went from being the butt of many jokes and social media parodies, to actually becoming its own song (one that features Pusha T, at that) and getting a few remixes.

Houston’s own Lyric Michelle is the latest to remix Desiigner’s “Timmy Turner,” shared in video as opposed to audio form, although it might be more accurate to call her version a “mastermix.” That’s because Lyric combines Desiigner’s version with Chloe x Halle’s trap-gospel remake, simply sliding her bars in between the two.

But the creativity doesn’t stop there. Lyric explained to HipHopDX – who premiered the track – as to what inspired her to turn “Timmy Turner” into “Timothy”:

“Once I heard the original XXL freestyle, I thought to myself, this is dark and twisty… I thought of the character Timmy Turner but all grown up, in the worst way. Timothy is just a very disturbed kid living in a world of self-proclaimed entitlement. I wanted to capture the darkest part of him really and have some fun along the way.”

Indeed, the “Timothy” remix serves a dual purpose of showing off Lyric’s flow while also providing some creepy visuals. The lovely emcee’s face contorts in her delivery and her eyes dart around rapidly, as though she is herself giving in to the voices in her own head. “Fairy tale godmothers are just whores/ that he would pay to see, reluctantly,” Lyric raps, ultimately reimagining Timmy Turner as America’s worst nightmare: a kid neglected by his parents and influenced by Donald Trump, with easy access to a gun.

Watch Lyric Michelle’s dark “Timothy (Timmy Turner Remix)” for yourself up top.