Twitter officially unveils Night Mode for iOS.

The more life adjusts to being viewed through a screen, the more you tend to understand things. Whether you’re in a board room, out on a date or even shielding away conversations with a crush, you’re probably checking Twitter to figure out what’s the next step. Twitter’s almost been in lockstep with iOS in making an app that’s easier on the eyes. After teasing “Night Mode” for Android users last month, iOS users finally can activate the feature for their browsing pleasure.

The new feature allows Twitter users to opt for a darker theme within the app to reduce strain on your eyes. Many users aren’t going to wait until the sun goes down to use Night Mode due to the slick new color scheme. It’s a long time coming for regular Twitter users. Tweetbox, a Twitter client had similar features beginning in 2014. Other clients such as Tweetlogic have been giving users the ability to switch the color scheme for years. But considering how Twitter has been far and away the more trusted client for users, Night Mode will continue to win people over as time progresses.