Finn Balor’s labrum tear means his time as WWE Universal Champion is already over.

Remember when I just said Finn Balor had a bit of a curse dealing with Brooklyn? Well, let’s call it a full blown thing now. Last night during his WWE Universal Title match with Seth Rollins, Balor suffered an injury along the barricade. Recall the Turnbuckle Bomb Rollins pulled off early in the match when Finn attempted to brace himself? It happened right there. The injury bug decided to hit the WWE in the worst possible way the last two nights in Brooklyn. Sasha Banks’ is out with what’s officially been determined to be a back injury that’ll keep her out a month. Randy Orton needed 10 stitches to the head after Brock Lesnar opened him up the hard way. Samoa Joe got his jaw dislocated by Shinsuke Nakamura during the NXT Main Event. I mean, we’re one cause of the Zika virus away from going on 2015 injury alert status.


The Balor news comes at the worst possible time though. Having just been drafted to RAW a little less than a month ago, Balor was in position to lead the brand at least through Survivor Series, if not longer. Now with him officially out on the shelf for six months, it forces RAW to readjust to determine who now will be Universal Champion. Whether it be a tournament or Seth Rollins being “awarded” the title remains unclear. However, that’s a serious damper on the glow of Balor winning RAW’s top belt at the second biggest show of the year.

UPDATE: According to an ESPN report, Bálor’s injury has him out only 2-3 months instead of the six originally reported by