Jay-Von - FU2

On the heels of his F*ck A Freestyle mixtape, Jay-Von releases a sequel, F*ck U II.

A week ago, Jay-Von compiled his 2015 campaign of freestyling over as many throwback beats from the 90s and early 00s as possible, into a single mixtape. Many who saw the mixtape, however, may have noted the absence of some freestyles Jay-Von released this year. Were the newer freestyles just lyrical exercises, over which the Mo. City rapper could show off his rhyming dexterity? Or was he keeping them in the chamber, as a part of something bigger?

The emcee revealed this week that the latter was the case, when he blitzed the Internets out of nowhere with F*ck U II, his second freestyle tape in as many weeks.

Not as deep as its predecessor – the F*ck A Freestyle Mixtape had 21 tracks – F*ck U II makes up for its shorter length by displaying more versatility. Previous Vonzilla drops like the “Untouchable” freestyle and his “New Level” freestyle appear on F*ck U II, but he also tackles radio-friendly fare this time around, like ScHoolboy Q’s “That Part,” Chedda da Connect’s “Flicka Da Wrist,” and Drake’s “4 PM in Calabasas” (cleverly rebranded as “4 PM in Houston, TX”). There are some surprises on F*ck U II, too – Jay-Von’s hood tales over YG’s “Who Shot Me,” for example, are riveting. It’s not always clear to whom Jay-Von is directing his shots, but you can bet every sub is direct enough.

“What y’all thought – I left my bars in ’15?” Jay-Von taunts on “5 AM in Mo. City”; and though it sounds like a threat, it’s merely a fair warning. After all, Vonzilla’s F*ck An EP project is still to come this year, as well. For now, you can stream and download the F*ck U II mixtape down below.

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