Lee-Lonn remixes Chance The Rapper’s “Living Single” for a new freestyle.

Lee-Lonn has started to create two separate ideas of himself. The fist idea, which we’ll call Classic Lee-Lonn for now is where his falsetto reigns supreme. He’s Glenn Lewis “Don’t You Ever Forget It” conversational in verse and tenor. When he thinks about a certain woman, such as his “Plantains” freestyle or “Detox”, it rises and swells to the hight of an early morning rise. He’s ask all the right questions, beg and nudge in the right direction. All he wants is a shot.

Proto Lee, the guy we heard on “Wildfire” earlier this year doesn’t come around too often. But he exists and that’s the best thing to know. That falsetto can morph into a growl, slow the constant thinking down to a far more streamlined form of thinking and boom. Now, either version of Lee-Lonn is pretty good. Grand even. I personally want more Lee-Lonn but that’s also pushing for an artist to operate on your time as opposed to their own.

What fans get out of the “Plantains” freestyle is Lee-Lonn and DJ Auditory working around Chance The Rapper’s “Living Single” track for some fun. Or in Lee-Lonn’s case, a little exercising of reality. You see, Classic Lee wants a girl to stop giving him the run around. He wants to continue talking even though every single time food is brought up, she’s off the phone. Given their history, their initial first kiss and him not wanting more, it’s the casual evolution of emotions. Kisses tell us everything. Realizations and honesty and leading people on, so on and so forth. Lee fought temptation, now he wants it every day. He knew it was real, even if it came a bit too late.