When The Bough Breaks continues Hollywood’s impressive streak of psychological black thrillers.

Morris Chestnut’s latest entries in terms of film has been heavy on thrillers. Last September, he starred alongside Best Man co-star Sanaa Lathan & Michael Ealy in The Perfect Guy. Now he teams with another Best Man co-star in Regina Hall for another thriller, When The Bough Breaks.

Shot in New Orleans, the film revolves around a young wealthy couple, John and Laura Taylor (Chestnut, Hall) who desperately believe that a child would make their family whole. They cannot conceive naturally, fertility drugs won’t help and they’ve exhausted all other options. The Taylors finally decide upon a surrogate and hire Anna (newcomer Jaz Sinclair). However, as her pregnancy develops, so does her lustful interest in Chestnut. Soon her personal history begins to reveal psychotic and dangerous fixtures in her life as her infatuation with Chesnut deepens. It soon becomes a deadly game between the Taylors and Anna as their future as a family hangs in the balance.

Directed by Jon Cassar (Forsaken, 24: Redemption) and written by Jack Olsen (Sleepwalker), the film also stars Theo Rossi, Romany Malco & Michael K. Williams. The film hits theaters September 13.