Tinashe hits the beach in the official visuals for her “Superlove” summer single.

When Tinashe dropped her “Superlove” single nearly a month ago, it was a good sign. The singer’s JOYRIDE LP hadn’t been mentioned much at all since the spring, and Tinashe needed to let both fans and new listeners that she was far from forgotten. Then “Superlove” landed, a mix of the past and present with an ’80s-inspired dance groove that emphasized the singer’s lovely voice and pop-crossover potential.

Now, Tinashe has given “Superlove” a set of colorful visuals to match. Taking place on a beach, the music video bounces between shots of Tinashe and her crew of lovely ladies busting moves and serving as a “Bae Watch” group of lifeguards. Though they keep a lookout for those struggling in the waters, the “Bae Watch” gang soon realizes that many of the guys they’re “saving” weren’t actually drowning at all – because let’s be honest, who WOULDN’T want to be saved and given mouth-to-mouth by Tinashe? Exactly. The video not only reminds viewers of how gorgeous Tinashe is, but also how her choreography remains a force to be reckoned with.

Watch Tinashe’s “Superlove” visuals for yourself up top. The singer’s much-awaited Joyride album is still under construction, but you can cop “Superlove” itself on iTunes now.