Quan shifts from “Just A Moment” to retelling a tragedy in his “All On Him” video.


Quan’s story of potential 2005 star to journeyman hasn’t been told. He was there on “Just A Moment” with Nas and for a long while, we heard very little from him. The Virginia rapper returned in 2011 before releasing a string of singles and more. His latest record, “All On Him” paints a picture of not only the Black Lives Matter movement but also of Tamir Rice. Rice was the 12-year-old who was shot dead by Cleveland police in 2014. “I can’t fully understand why those cops shot that baby,” he says of the incident. Neither officer was formally charged in the shooting.

“In this world where we are all victims of something — hate, fear, poverty — in the end, violence doesn’t resolve this world’s sickness, love does, and God is love,” Quan told Billboard. He sings “I could have been dead by now/I could have been doing life in jail right now” on the song. “No matter who you are or where you’re from, it’s all on Him.”

Although the video offers a different ending than the one Rice received, it isn’t without tragedy. “My friend Max Profit who plays one of the police officers, was killed during the shooting of this video,” Quan says. Still, he cites his son, “his angel” as one of the reasons he made the song to begin with.

Quan is busy preparing a brand new album, Point Of No Return, a follow up to his donferquan.com mixtape. He’s also planning a memoir titled The Thirst wherein he discusses facing life imprisonment, losing his son & more.