Jhene Aiko - New Balance

Jhené Aiko sings of a new love on the vulnerable “New Balance.”

One might say it’s been a pretty active weekend for Jhené Aiko.

The Artium/Def Jam songbird, who’s found herself subject to many allegations of cheating on her ex-husband (producer Dot Da Genius) following their divorce plans mere months afterwards, made some things clear on Twitter as to the nature of her marriage falling apart. She traded barbs with followers and used clever wording to suggest that the reason for their divorce, wasn’t entirely her fault. The basis of the allegations, of course, is Aiko’s friendship with longtime collaborator and Twenty88 co-star Big Sean, with whom she had been spotted in videos, photos, and even at concerts appearing like much more than friends.

But on Sunday afternoon, Jhené Aiko went beyond just tweeting about it. Shortly after sharing what looked like lyrics on her Tumblr page, Aiko took to soundcloud to share that “New Balance” wasn’t just words, but in fact, an actual song.

It’s easy to speculate that “New Balance” is about the evolution Jhené and Sean’s friendship. The song certainly isn’t about the shoe brand. But, even in its alleged “rough” form, “New Balance” suggests a calming of spirit and a renewed sense of hope. In love and other things.

Over a simple piano melody that soon melts into subdued drums, Aiko sings about the craziness both in the outside world and within herself (“most of the time, I’m fighting – multiple voices residing, in my head”), and of something (someone) who’s come along to make it all just a bit more bearable. “You are just what I prayed for,” Aiko candidly sings, “You are what I was made for.”

Stream Jhené Aiko’s “New Balance” track for yourself down below.