Hidden Figures, the untold story of how black women mathematicians helped put man on the moon, now has a trailer.

Hidden Figures, the 1960s period piece that chronicles the lives of Katherine Goble Johnson, Mary Jackson, and Dorothy Vaughan now has a full length trailer. Though the film isn’t due out until January 13, 2017, the film is an achievement for its cast. Taraji P. Henson (Johnson), Janelle Monáe (Jackson) & Octavia Spencer (Vaughn) are the untold heroes of NASA’s space program, the mathematicians who helped correctly place man in space and eventually, on the moon.

From the film’s official site:

Set in 1960s Hampton, Virginia, the three women use their mathematical skills to help the United States achieve one of the things it wants the most– a victory over the Russians in space—even as they fight against the barriers of racial segregation in the Jim Crow south and struggle for professional recognition from their male colleagues.

Margot Lee Shetterly contributed to the film and serves as executive prodcer. Joining Henson, Monáe & Spencer are Kevin Costner, Kristen Dunst, Jim Parsons, Mahershala Ali and Aldis Hodge.