Mark Drew grabs GT Garza, Sobe Lash & Mike OH for his Seasons EP.

Mark Drew’s 2016 has seen its ups and downs. The ups involve being one of the leading men on Cloudopolis Entertainment and releasing his Red Lights At 3 AM EP. That was February and the main theme of Drew’s life was creating music that could move from Aces Homes to Mo City. Then he hurt his arm in an accident and still found a way to finish a full concert in a sling. Mark Drew’s dedication to rap can never be dismayed. He’s still angling for a way to be recognized, in a crowded world where nobody seems to fully understand him. Part producer, part rapper, wide-eyed jokester. That’s Mark Drew if you needed a quick soundbyte. Crafting riding music for all ages to blast in residential areas? That’s his game.

Seasons is a brand new EP from Drew, premiered exclusively by Day & A Dream. Containing four tracks, it bobs and weaves between sun-kissed riding music and personal affirmations. Drew believes he’s the man, compares himself to the greats and can even form a team like Voltron when needed. Emerging singer Sobe Lash, fresh off her The Pretty Reckless EP drops in for the EP’s closer “Summertime High”. GT Garza’s wind-up flow appears on “Respek” and it pushes Drew to play to his strengths. He’s witty, a punchline maker with the kind of panache reserved for playing The Dozens.