Sinead Harnett-cover

London songbird Sinéad Harnett makes heartbreak sound amazing on “Love to Lose.”

Sinéad Harnett will be a household name by this time next year. The beautiful British singer-songwriter, who hails from Finchley in north London, had primarily been known as a feature artist. Though she’d been dropping EPs here and there since 2013, it was Harnett’s collaborations with better known British acts like Snakehips, Rudimental, Nick Brewer and even Disclosure, that initially pricked listeners’ ears.

In 2016, however, Harnett dropped her breakout single, “If You Let Me.” Alongside GRADES, the slow-burning cut let Sinéad’s lush voice soar and called to mind early ’00s R&B, as the songbird’s yearning tiptoed over the track’s pulsating instrumental.

At the start of August, Harnett released her self-titled EP under Ammunition Productions, a four-track effort that kicks off with “If You Let Me” and holds fast to listeners for its complete 15-minute run length. The short project not only acquaints listeners with Sinéad’s amazing vocals, but also showcases the singer’s versatility – soul may be the foundation of Harnett’s sound, but it’s far from her only inspiration. She channels jazz lounge singer on “Rather Be With You,” for example, and flirts with EDM&B on “Say What You Mean.”

But it’s the EP’s closer cut, “Love to Lose,” that may get lost in the hype behind “If You Let Me” as the project’s strongest track. Propelled forward by kick drums and a scaled back instrumental, Sinéad opts for a conversational style as she shares her unluckiness in love. The nearly four-minute track sizzles and pops; and though Sinéad’s tone is one of resignation and finality on the song, it all comes together so smoothly that most will never notice it’s a blues song in urban packaging. “Love to Lose” is radio-ready from the jump and a single in the making. Sinéad Harnett has #ThePulse, and her EP will all but keep listeners waiting with eager ears for her impending debut album.

Stream Sinéad Harnett’s “Love to Lose” single down below for yourself.

You can also stream Sinéad Harnett’s complete self-titled debut EP below, by way of RinseFM. The EP is available now on iTunes.