T.H.E.M’s Rob Jay abandons his emeritus title and gets back to basics with Hip Hop Hacker.

Rob Jay is the best pure rapper in The Houston Elite MCs. hasHBrown / Jett I. Masstyr is the chameleon. John Dew is the most accessible everyman. Dustin-Prestige is the most magnetic and looms with the largest presence. Hollywood FLOSS is the most advantageous with his high volume of released material. But no one can out rap Rob Jay when focused. Rob’s underwent plenty of different phases and battles in his career. He was the first among them solo wise to gain blog traction via 2DopeBoys and the first to seemingly have a sense to walk away. Rob Jay’s been wiser than his years for a while now. On the group’s Nonpareil album, it was he who threw out the most vicious barbs. Even if he said he was done rapping, rap wasn’t entirely done with him. He was far too talented and equally opinionated to walk away so easily.

Hip Hop Hacker takes a bit from the growing success of USA’s Mr. Robot series as Rob jacks plenty of beats for his own pleasure. He flexes with plenty of bars and witty punchlines to spare over beats such as “Numbers On The Board”, “4,3,2,1” and more. “I just love to rap,” he says with confidence on “Numbers”. To him, Hip Hop Hacker is about “reclaiming my place as the greatest lyricist in this town not named K-Rino”. Stream the all freestyles mixtape below.