Hollywood FLOSS drops another EP, entirely produced by Chris Rockaway & Lil Cortes.

Hollywood FLOSS, he of constant loosies because his brain won’t settle down has released a new EP. It’s titled Water Color Theory and the production is helmed by one constant, Chris Rockaway along with Lil Cortes. The 9-track EP comes with only one guest, Rob Jay on “Touch Her Toes”. Water Color Theory follows the release of March’s Lets See What Happens and “Face Your Fears” with Like of Pac Div. He throws about 200 lines of aggression into the opening cut, “Bomb First Flow”, adding a gruffness that wasn’t previously there. The punchlines are there, effusive yet still heavy on self-confidence and braggadocio. It works for him as Water Color Theory situates itself as another Floss free tape. Created for him, his sanity and his freedom to create the music he wants to. Stream it in full below.