The third film in the Bad Boys franchise has a new title and a January 2018 release date.

Sony Pictures could have possibly saved Bad Boys For Life as the title to the fourth film in the Bad Boys series. Instead they’re all systems go with using Bad Boys For Life for the upcoming third and final film in the Martin Lawrence/Will Smith buddy cop franchise. Smith & Lawrence are both signed on to star in the film and even better? There’s no Michael Bay to be found.

Instead, Joe Carnahan is attached to direct the sequel and Sony is pulling Bad Boys For Life out of the summer blockbuster season. The area which used to be WILL SMITH $100 MILLION MOVIE season has suffered in recent years, especially in 2016. Although Smith’s Suicide Squad flick has gained the August box office record, it comes with a dubious distinction. It’s one of the worst reviewed films in the DCEU. So, instead of hitting next June, Sony has pushed the sequel into MLK Weekend territory: January 12, 2018.

A Janaury release date for Bad Boys For Life may not be promising considering that January is notorious for having shoddy films. However, the MLK Weekend has led to a resurgence in films thanks to Kevin Hart and the two Ride Along films. Given the cache and love of Bad Boys and Bad Boys 2, it’s possible that Bad Boys For Life could break January records. Why? Because Mike Lowery is involved, that’s why.