Rocky Banks - Funny Guy

Houston emcee Rocky Banks gets serious about leaving the negative behind on “Funny Guy” single.

2016 hasn’t been a bad year for Rocky Banks at all. The Houston emcee began the year by dropping In Other News I Don’t Do Drugs Anymore, his well-received debut solo project, and he hasn’t stopped working since. Banks’ latest single, “Funny Guy,” comes on the heels of “Hi And Bye” and was exclusively premiered by HipHop DX earlier this week.

Mufasa Enzor and Jordon Lumley are on the boards for “Funny Guy,” merging rock guitars, 8-bit synths, and an overall rap-electronica sound to give it a very distinct flavor. “The discontinuation of poisonous relationships is the primary source to [my] newfound success,” Banks said of “Funny Guy,” and listeners can practically hear the almost sneering confidence of the emcee. He settles into the groove that Lumley and Enzor lay for him, his delivery ebbing and flowing with the beat seamlessly. “School of hard knocks, I could never joke about it,” Banks remarks at one point on the track, marking one of the many clever references the emcee makes to funny things (besides the very obvious “knock knock” on the hook) over the track’s three-minute length.

Stream Rocky Banks’ “Funny Guy” single for yourself down below.