J. Rhodes and his Squadron head west in Episode 2 of his “These Beats Ain’t Free” webseries.

Last week, J. Rhodes premiered his new webseries “These Beats Ain’t Free,” an extension of his book of the same title aimed to introduce viewers to the behind-the-scenes grind of a real-life producer. The Dallas-based boardman’s new venture had a relatively modest debut, using Facebook as a desired platform for interaction as well as education.

Vintage Rhodes picks up right where he left on These Beats Ain’t Free‘s second episode, entitled “The H.” But it’s not Houston that J. Rhodes has his sights on – rather, it’s Hollywood, California. Rhodes and his “#Squadron” set up camp in a house in Hollywood where they hold a writing camp; viewers are treated to J. Rhodes not only crafting a beat but essentially setting up a freestyle session of sorts for his fellow housemates. There’s also a more formal introduction to K-Dub (aka the man behind the lens, Kory Williams), and Dallas-based producer Sir Tim.

But the highlight of episode two? No, it’s not the dating website conversation, though that comes pretty close. It’s when Rhodes and K-Dub trek to the Hollywood sign, after which point the producer turns wise man and starts dropping gems like, “You can only get what God has for you, if you go further [than people say]. ” And just because he’s not home, doesn’t mean he isn’t repping. Look closely enough and you might spot J. Rhodes repping a Yu Darvish Texas Rangers jersey in a few of the scenes.

Peep “The H,” the second episode of J. Rhodes’s “These Beats Ain’t Free” web series up top. Head head over to the Dallas producer’s website, VintageRhodes.com, to be a part of the movement yourself. If you missed the first episode, visit TheseBeatsAintFree.com or head here.