Missed The Joker being himself in Suicide Squad? “The Laughing Man” should help cure those ills.

If you’ve caught David Ayer’s Suicide Squad already then you’re probably aware of the critics slamming it. Or your friends slamming it. Or anyone with a Twitter/Facebook/IG account verbalizing their issues with the film. It didn’t matter, the film brought in $267 million worldwide this weekend and set plenty of August box office records.

However, that $267 million may not exactly stretch to billions of dollars at the box office due to word of mouth. Much like Zach Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, the film was critically panned almost to a point of no return. Much has been made about the marketing of Jared Leto’s The Joker. Batman’s greatest adversary almost appeared to have his own stand alone film in certain trailer cuts. In reality, Leto’s Joker is merely a B-story for Harley Quinn and even worse was limited to a bit part for a music video promoting the film’s soundtrack.

Scott Snyder’s “Death of The Family” inspires the best fan-made Joker film we’ve seen today.

Regardless if you loved/liked/hated Suicide Squad, you didn’t get a good taste of The Joker. There’s no point in attempting to compare Leto’s Joker to Heath Ledger’s turn in 2008’s The Dark Knight and you know why. While we anticipate what’s next for DECU’s version of The Joker, a fan-made film is already spreading across the Internet and earning high praise. Julio and Diego Hallivis’s The Laughing Man is a 20-minute short about their interpretation of The Joker based off Scott Snyder’s “Death of The Family” comic.

The Laughing Man centers around The Joker & Harley Quinn trapping an asylum psychotherapist. How sinister are they? They leave his fate to be determined by a live audience like a game show.

The Hallivis brothers began production for The Laughing Man last November. The entire shoot took four months to complete with clever mixes of flashbacks & current scenes. Those components along with stop animation helps frame The Joker’s mindset here. Don’t believe The Laughing Man is for all eyes and ears. The film is definitely NSFW and it’s a unique take on an iconic villain.