UK singer JONES gives her “Melt” single a set of visuals to match.

It was neither “Hoops” nor “Valentine Virus” that put JONES on the map. Yes, the UK singer’s range went off on “Hoops” and was pushed with multiple remixes; and yes, “Virus” showed that JONES could tap into a listener’s emotions with ease. Rather, it was JONES’ June summer single “Melt” that officially brought the London hailing sonbird the attention she deserved. The bouncy four-minute track was infectious, romantic even, and all but radio ready. Now, JONES has given her “Melt” track an official music video.

Director Davis Silis is behind the lens for the “Melt” visuals. Silis depicts JONES standing at the center of an art gallery; though JONES is initially adorned only in white, she soon wears other outfits, like a blue skirt, for example, or a black-and-white top. But once these other outfits start appearing, and JONES begins to move to the song’s beat, her figure “breaks” apart in a cool camera effect. JONES never really “melts” back together again, but it does keep the singer’s full beauty on display and is a creative compliment to the song’s pleas for the one you love.

Watch JONES’s official music video for “Melt” up top. The single is expected to appear on JONES’ much-awaited debut LP, New Skin, releasing October 7th.

UPDATE: It turns out that the “Melt” video wasn’t the only thing JONES was up to this week. The singer also provided a new song, “Air,” to 37 Adventures’ Odd Numbers, Vol. 1 compilation album released today. Stream “Air” for yourself down below.