Kyle Hubbard’s new supergroup with DJ Discipline & Fullmetal drop their debut single.

Remember The Ritz? It was a short lived group that was ironically titled and yet equally talented. Kyle Hubbard, Brad Gilmore of Twenty Eleven & Thurogood Wordsmith. They put out all of one track in 2011 and even argued about wrestling from time to time. Thing is, supergroups aren’t exactly Kyle Hubbard’s speciality. He’s a soloist who can command attention for being a straight-man. He’s also a huge Little Brother fan, evident of his collaborations with Big Pooh. So, Hubbard linking with Fullmetal & DJ Discipline to form what Hubbard calls “the most underwhelming super group in the history of hip-hop” is his LB moment.

Calling themselves Extra Regular, the trio present “Being John Malkovich” with the same premise as the quirky indie comedy. Operating as “puppets” in a way, Extra Regular throw plenty of metaphors and first person direction for their debut track. “I’m the marathon man, wearing kicks that don’t fit my feet,” Hubbard kicks off his closing verse after Fullmetal runs through two heady verses of his own. Djay Cas cranks up the Mystery Science Theater 3000 style synths for “Being John Malkovich” and adds a simple Dan The Automator drum section to polish it off. Hear Extra Regular’s brand new single below via Soundcloud. The group’s full length effort arrives at the end of the year.