Denton shines as Tree Eye & OgXperience offer up a little Pre-Tree

Denton, TX artist Tree Eye teams up with fellow Denton native OgXperience to craft Pre-Tree, the prelude to OG Tree.

The collaborative EP is executively produced by DJ RZRBLD with helping hands from Beat Psychotikz, Paul Cabbin, & Slumped Boyz on the boards. In addition to the producers, Dex1 & Trey Detroit help round out what Tree Eye & OgXperience set out to do. Clocking in 11 tracks, the EP runs off pure energy and charisma. “Thunder & Lightning”, the tape’s opening cut rides trap heavy snares and drums and fast forward flows. Records like “Crazy” aim to give a little distance between Tree Eye & OgXperience’s high energy raps.

What Tree Eye & OgXperience have set out to accomplish since day one is to make music for their friends. In Denton it’s about creating any idea of fun to escape the mundane. It’s not the same bright lights and haze as Dallas. Denton’s a college town filled with dreamers who seek more.

Tree Eye’s OG Tree is slated to drop in September. Tree’s collective ranging from Trill Mamba, MU$$, OgXperience and others will be part of it. For now, enjoy Pre-Tree from Tree Eye & OGXperience below via Audiomack.