Drake uses night one of his Summer Sixteen tour in MSG to send shots at Funk Flex & Hot 97.

On “Big Amount” from 2 Chainz’ Daniel Son; Necklace Son, Drake once more finds himself in a comfortable spot. He’s still playing coy about whether or not he wants to actively engage Joe Budden. He’s still in the midst of his Summer Sixteen tour with Future. Yet, Drake feels comfortable enough to brag big and bold.

Michael Jackson talkin’ to me in my dreams
And he say, “You bad and you know it”
Better shamone with my check then
I’m a J. Prince investment
N*ggas love to talk reckless
Then see me like best friends

James Prince may be the main reason Drake has a Titanic sized battery in his back right now. With good reason. Nobody with any sense has come against the Houston legend and won. It’s why Thursday during the first night of his back-to-back appearances at Madison Square Garden did he launch into an impromptu freestyle. Who got the main barbs? None other than Funkmaster Flex and Hot 97.

Flex’s issue with the “Controlla” rapper dates back to last summer. The venerable NYC DJ stood on principle, riding for Meek Mill and casting Drake aside due to ghostwriting. Flex leaked numerous reference tracks from If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late including “10 Bands”, “Know Yourself” and more.

“Rappers who have reference tracks cannot claim ‘king,'” Flex said. “I didn’t make that rule. If you’re wearing that crown, you better write. If you don’t write, you don’t have that crown.”

It didn’t matter as Drake brushed off the controversy to land his highest selling LP in Views. Still, Drake didn’t forget about Flex, who has already promised that his Saturday night show will be one for the books.

Hot 97 caught the slug thanks in large part to what became the biggest story of the news day yesterday. According to Hot 97 jock Ebro Darden, he and Drake had a conversation where the Toronto rapper admitted to being ready to “battle Eminem”. It was a joke but nevertheless it came out differently. The news hit the blogs and lit Twitter ablaze with speculation. Drake responded on Instagram with an eyeroll emoji, effectively putting that rumor to bed.

What has been learned from all of this? Long as J. Prince has Drake’s back, he’ll forever be able to let off at people without major repercussions. That includes New York’s longest running hip-hop station and most noted mix show DJ.