Show you’re part of the #Dreamlife family with our exclusive Day & A Dream polo hat.

If you’ve followed Day & A Dream on any social media platform recently then you’ve seen the Day & A Dream hat. There were multiple ideas that went into our first actual piece of merchandise. We thought of plenty of items but a hat was the most universal to the staff.

I hit up the good folks at SF2, who were extremely gracious with us. We went with three colors that seemed fair to all and knew our logo would be perfect. Within days, the hats were done and viola, the Day & A Dream dad hat was born.

We’ve shared a few with close friends and supporters but now’s your chance to get in on the action. Hit the shop button at the top of the page or visit to purchase yours for $30. This is a limited release, meaning once they’re sold out, they’re sold out.

Since we’re writers and are thankful for the support over the past 7 years, each shipment will come with a handwritten letter by me personally. You’ve been down with us as one of the last mohicans when it comes to music journalism & journalism at large in Houston. Why not give back?