Dallas’ The Outfit TX are making more than a statement with their latest project, Green Light: Everythang Goin’

Go to Dallas. It’s not a direction or even a compass point to see the truth. Go to Dallas. You can hear bubbly 808s trying to burst through trunks on a Sunday night. You can hear throbbing bass lines and skeletal synth keys on a Saturday night. These two sounds are not the same. Because Dallas is not the same. Dallas, much like any major metropolitan is segregated in regards to the sounds that define it. The Outfit TX are living proof of this.

Last year, Down By The Trinity became the fruit that bore from Mel’s darkest moments. JayHawk & Dorian latched onto the tree, creating the darkest, yet freeing The Outfit TX project yet. Visually it was fleshed out and visceral. Mel having sex atop of the Confederate flag, black hoods, mostly black & white videos. All of it painted one bleak, disgruntled and angry picture. Of course, it resulted in one of Dallas’ best projects, regardless of genre. That, was the tipping point of The Outfit TX chasing experimentation and exploring the taste of bottomed out 808s with social commentary. The commentary will forever be part of them but 2016 has been a bit lighter and far more collaborative for them. Thus, they give us the other side of Dallas – a glistening, trap oriented tape in Green Light: Everythang Goin.

The conspirators in making this tape feel as southern and regal are there. Dirty Glove Bastard and DJ Mr. Rogers both put their stamp on it. Noisey interviewed Mel about the project and let his personality shine through those gold gleaming teeth of his. Outside production is evident, Stunt N Dozier’s normal bending of samples is replaced by music built around destroying boulevards by bass level. Guerilla323 pours in P2 level snares for “Direct Deposit” where Lil’ Ralo in delivery sounds so much like Pimp C. Whatever good spirits and understanding found in crafting 2015’s Deep Ellum EP evolved into Green Light: Everythang Goin.

At the heart of it? Mel, Dorian & JayHawk. The small pieces they’ve laid down in sonic discovery is evident. “Bear Necessities” and the Dallas trap posse cut “I’m With That Too” sound nothing like what The Outfit, TX had created in the past. It slides into modern territory yet still feels three spots into a different echelon. Dallas’ upstars such as Trap Mama, Loudiene, Slick, Saint Clair, G.U.N & more guest on Green Light: Everythang Goin and you can download it now.

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