The Freddie Gray saga results in zero convictions after prosecutors drop all charges.

6 cases, 3 acquittals, one mistrial, three cases dropped, zero convictions.

That’s the presumed end to the Freddie Gray saga as charges against the remaining three officers awaiting trial were dropped Wednesday morning. Prosecutor Michael Schatzow told Judge Barry G. Williams that the state would drop the remaining charges against Officer Garrett Miller, Sgt. Alicia White & Officer William Porter.

I could do the math in regards to the lack of accountability. How a man dying in police custody was deemed a “mistake” without zero consequence. Or how a death determined by a broken spine amongst other injuries was deemed a homicide by the medical examiner yet results in not even a minor conviction.

But the math, much like the numbers and cases and bodies and people and lives doesn’t add up. Nor has it ever seemed to add up. There will be heat on prosecutor Marilyn Mosby, calls for her resignation as to how this case went the way of so many others. People will say she “over-charged”. People will demonize Freddie Gray even in death as if his criminal history equates to a death sentence.

Ultimately, what is it all worth if enforcement of the law is immune to the system it’s designed to protect?