Tigallerro, the joint EP from Phonte & Eric Roberson is out now.

Here’s how we got Tigallerro, the new fish grease courtesy of The Foreign Exchange’s Phonte & Eric Roberson. The two of them just wanted to give the people something they’d been anticipating. Well, something they’d been anticipating since 2013. Buoyed by the single “It’s So Easy”, the duo’s brand new EP is a clever, funky take on modern romance & R&B.

“All of our collaborations, including this album, have been done Foreign Exchange style,” Phonte told OkayPlayer last month. Of their previous collaborations, 2007’s “Been In Love” may have been the only one where both of them technically were in the studio. It wasn’t hard for them to call on some friends though. Carmen Rodgers and Shanna Tucker provided background vocals. DJ Harrison, E. Jones & Zo! add production with Harrison chipping in on “Hold Tight” and “My Kind of Lady”.

You can purchase Tigallerro on iTunes.