Hear Gucci Mane’s first post-prison album, Everybody Looking, in all of its glory.

If May 26, 2016 was the official Guwop Emancipation Day, then it’s only right that July 22, 2016 be deemed Gucci Liberation Day.

It’s on this day that Gucci Mane releases his long-awaited Everybody Looking album, an album he laid the groundwork for almost immediately following his release from jail with “1st Day Out Da Feds.” He followed that with an appearance alongside Drake on “Back On Road.” Then came “Guwop Home,” taking Young Thug under his wing and passing the baton more formally to the Slime Season ambassador; and then followed THAT, with “Waybach” and the Kanye West-featured strip club-anthem-in-progress “P Print.” As the album released officially at midnight, it’s now available for streaming on all digital outlets.

Fifteen tracks in length, Everybody Looking reveals to its listeners that the “Carefree Black Man” Gucci they’ve seen on Instagram and YouTube did not reach this point easily. The album’s fare ranges from gritty street tales to consistent wariness of one’s company and surroundings, to flaunting one’s spoils (especially when he’s been jailed for so long and only just now beginning to enjoy his wealth). There are songs to appeal to both longtime Guwop fans and those just now becoming acquainted with the living legend of Radric Davis. The 2Pac-featured “On Me” is noticeably absent from the album, but served a purpose in building anticipation nonetheless.

But there’s also a cohesiveness to Everybody Looking. Though still somewhat fresh out the pen, Gucci Mane is hungrier than he’s ever been. The album has the rapper staking his claim (“All My Children” and “Richest N*gga in the Room” affirm this), and creating new anthems for a new generation of fans (“Gucci Please” is all but destined to stand alongside “Lemonade” and “I Think I Love Her” in the Guwop Hall of Fame).

It’s fitting that Gucci Mane closes the project with an outro called “Pick Up The Pieces.” Because Everybody Looking does pick up the remnants left behind of LaFlare, and attempts, valiantly, to make them whole again.

Stream Gucci Mane’s Everybody Looking LP for yourself down below. Guwop’s long-awaited post-prison LP is available now on all online retail outlets, including iTunes.