YG - FDT (f. G-Eazy, Macklemore)

The fact that YG made a part 2 to “FDT” isn’t a surprise. The fact that Macklemore and G-Eazy are features on it, however, is.

With Donald Trump having officially become the Republican Presidential Nominee as of last night, there are a number of people who feel a way about it. We already knew how YG felt about it by way of “FDT,” a politically-charged collab with Nipsey Hussle that married G-Funk with conscious raps.

But apparently, YG has more to say. The Still Brazy rapper took to his Soundcloud today to reveal a remix to “F*ck Donald Trump” entitled “FDT2.” That YG wasn’t finished ripping into Donald Trump, is no surprise. What IS shocking, however, is who the Compton rapper managed to recruit for Part 2.

Macklemore and G-Eazy, as white men themselves, may seem the most unlikely of people to comment on Trump’s antics. Yet the fire both emcees bring to the remix is pretty damn impressive. Macklemore leads things off, calling out Trump’s insensitivity to the Orlando shooting, comparing him to “Hitler in Berlin.” G-Eazy follows Macklemore, likening the Donald to Starburst (“nobody f*cks with the orange ones!”) and telling listeners that they won’t let him “f*ck up four years.” They leave YG to finish the song off, railing off a list of people who don’t like Donald and asking the question many of us have wondered – “KKK support him… so how the f*ck y’all endorse him?” The song would be so funny… if it weren’t so true.

Stream YG’s “FDT2” track, featuring Macklemore and G-Eazy, down below.