Freddy Inglewood gives “So High,” his Bee Honey-assisted LoCal Touri$t 3 cut, an official set of visuals.

When FreddyING – more formally known as Freddy Inglewood – dropped his LT3 (LoCal Touri$t 3) album earlier this month, it was easy to note that something in the Houston emcee had changed. His flow was still the same, sure; and his penchant to turn unusual sounds into certified bangers was still there. But LoCal Touri$t 3 was markedly different in quality from #SongzAboutHer and No Days Off.

One example of that? “So High,” the George Young-produced track two. “So High” was an instant standout on LT3, a spectacular stoner song and single in the making, made even more hypnotic by the presence of local singer Bee Honey. Young Inglewood must have noticed the buzz potential for “So High” as well, as he opted to give the track a music video to match.

“So High” is a love song for weed, and director Lil $krilla stays true to that, depicting Inglewood lighting up from the comfort of his own couch and inserting images of the finest bud between shots of Freddy at a house party. Bee Honey doesn’t appear until the 1:30 mark, posted up in a hallway as the screen turns green, but the gorgeous singer makes the most of her time just the same. Couple all this with $krilla’s use of a distortion effect on the camera, and Freddy & Bee’s mission to give viewers a contact high is accomplished.

Watch the music video for FreddyING’s “So High,” featuring Bee Honey, up top. The rapper’s LT3 (Local Touri$t 3)album, on which “So High” appears, is out now.

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