Jeremih - Late Nights_Europe-cover

For an artist, inspiration can come at any given moment. Take Jeremih, for example, who got bit by the creative bug while promoting his recent Late Nights album overseas.

“I was on a European tour for the last 30 days, and the best thing about it was creating a new body of work,” the “Planes” and “Oui” crooner told USA Today. What new body of work, exactly? A brand-new mixtape entitled Late Nights: Europe, which touched down on Monday night.

Jeremih admitted to USA Today that the project would serve a dual purpose: it’s both a belated birthday gift from him to his fans, and a love letter to Europe. He also teased the possibility of appearances from Ty Dolla $ign and Chance the Rapper prior to Late Nights: Europe’s release.

Executive produced by Jeremih himself and Soundz, Late Nights: Europe clocks in at fourteen tracks deep, with a majority of the songs being named after cities in Europe. In addition to Soundz, producers like Kevin Cubeatz, The Insomniaks, Xeryus, Brilliance, Reno, and others, handle the boardwork for the project. And Late Nights: Europe boasts guest spots from Ty Dolla $ign, Wiz Khalifa, K. Camp, Sonyae, The Game, and more. The rumored Chance The Rapper cut sadly didn’t make it onto Late Nights: Europe. Not that it needed to given the surprise release of “Living Single” last night as well; but it would have marked the third collab between the two in 2016 alone, a mini-run of sorts that began with “Summer Friends” off Coloring Book

Though there are songs for every mood on Late Nights: Europe, it’s the tape’s slow-burning fare that give it replay value. “Paris (Who Taught You)” is a smooth, slightly hilarious single in the making, with Jeremih and Ty Dolla insisting they’re responsible for their respective women honing their talents (“who taught you how to lose all that religion?”). And expect “Oslo, Norway,” “Stockholm,” or the “Controlla”-esque “London” (or all three) to slide right on into plenty of summer rotations.

Stream & download Jeremih’s Late Nights: Europe mixtape for yourself down below.