The Suffers exercise a little frustration at Leon’s Lounge for their “Midtown” video.

The Suffers have traveled all over the world recently but they know where home lies. Home can even be a Midtown bar; fluid and even ready made for any combustible moment. Leon’s Lounge has probably seen it’s fair share of arguments. I doubt it’s ever seen someone as powerful and confident as Kam Franklin climb on the bar and scream at her ex. “Midtown”, the latest single from the band’s stellar debut album gets an official video. Franklin takes us through the motions of being in love then the arguments and ultimately the breakup. However, Kam & The Suffers let us into something not usually seen, a mix of vulnerability from Franklin and rage. We’ve seen the group do playful silliness via “Peanuts”. To combine gulf coast soul and Franklin’s bouncy demeanor for a little tale of love lost? A perfect combination.

Saint Heron premiered the “Midtown” video for The Suffers and in all of its Midtown glow. The Houston to Houston connection only adds to what’s been a banner year for the band. Take in the brand new video of Franklin cursing out her ex in front of his new lover and then some below.