TisaKorean’s “Valero” video was shot this past January and uploaded to YouTube. Almost 400,000 views later, TisaKorean can at least sit back and laugh a bit at the fact a record inspired by an argument is his biggest buzzmaker to date. Self-shot and pretty isolated to one singular set piece, TisaKorean’s “Valero” bops and weaves around plinkering production, choice ad-libs and plenty of braggadocio mixed in.

“Valero” with GmayneDaWreck doesn’t take any direct inspiration from TisaKorean’s hero in Pharrell Williams. Instead, it’s a trap ready streamlined cut where an A-B rhyme style fits to a tee. It doesn’t mean that the Houston upstart doesn’t want to meet and eventually work with The Neptunes producer. “I basically always wanted to be similar to Pharrell Williams,” he told Culture Exposure. “I always love his salsa sound & of course he’s an artist so I wanted to be like him. Til this day , I still wanna meet him and even do some work with him.”