James Burns (L) was fired after the June 22nd shooting that killed Deravis Caine Rogers (R) in Atlanta. He now faces murder charges.

According to Atlanta’s WXIA and the Fulton County District Attorney, a former Atlanta police officer is facing charges of murder and aggravated assault after a June 22 shooting incident that left a 22-year-old man dead.

James Burns shot and killed Deravis Caine Rogers in Midtown, Atlanta. Burns shot Rogers through the passenger window of Rogers’ vehicle as he drove by and ignored a command to stop. APD fired Burns on July 1st, citing excessive force and that the killing of Rogers was not justified.


The district attorney’s office said that despite the fact that the vehicle made no attempt to strike Burns and the fact that he was standing safely at the rear of his own patrol car, he fired into the passenger window of the passing car killing Rogers.

“My office has investigated this matter jointly with the GBI since it’s occurrence on June 22, 2016,” District Attorney Paul Howard Jr. said. “But it is because of the decisive leadership of Atlanta Police Chief George Turner and the work of GBI Director Vernon Keenan, that the district attorney’s office is prepared to reach evidentiary conclusions in this case involving a police shooting at this early stage of the proceedings.”

Howard concluded, “By reason of evidence presented by several eye-witnesses, videos and findings of the Atlanta Police Department, we will proceed in this case in the same manner as any other defendant similarly charged – arrest, indictment and resolution.”