19 albums in and Z-Ro isn’t slowing down yet. After last year’s Melting The Crown, Ro’s switched up and moved into some rare territory for him. He’s been all over New York, engaging in interviews on SiriusXM’s Shade 45, the Rap Radar Podcast and more. He laid down a three-minute freestyle just for DJ Booth and then some. In other words, Drankin & Drivin may be the introduction for a group of people to a far more melodic Z-Ro but for Houston, it’s Z-Ro stretching his already worldwide sound to people he and his fan base think should have been roped in a long time ago.

From “Devil Ass City” all the way to “Women Men”, Drankin & Drivin is Z-Ro at his most melodic. He’s pretty much sing-rapping the majority of the album, fitting in rhymes of treachery, ups & downs, baby mama issues and purposeful isolation. The joy he feels from his haters lifts “My Money”. “Where The Real” puts him back in a position where he wants his peace and won’t stop to get it if the world wants to steal it from him. It feels in tone like many a Z-Ro album that came before it but Drankin & Drivin is a far more confident Z-Ro than ever before.

You can grab Z-Ro’s latest album now on iTunes and stream it below via Apple Music.