From adolescence to adulthood, the bedroom playlist has been an essential part of courting.

You can curtail certain favorites but unless your playlist had certain songs by R. Kelly, Jodeci, Ginuwine, Sade, Aaliyah, Missy Elliott, Minnie Riperton, Usher and others, there was a likely case that you were either going to fumble a lob at the very last possible second or you were going to let your ego run like a bench reaction to a nasty alley-oop. Having one, if not multiple songs equipped for a bedroom playlist has centered plenty of artists to our memory banks. “Can I f*ck to it?” is a question every man & woman who has come to appreciate R&B in the last 30 years has asked of any release. We don’t even hesitate to wonder the if anymore.

We remember Robert Sylvester Kelly not for being one of R&B’s more notorious bards of salacious deeds but because his wit got some men and women over the hump. He’s also one of the few artists who you may feel guilty even bringing up in conversation due to his long knowledgeable past in regards to minors in Chicago but that’s his legacy: the sultan of raunchy slow jams.

He’s had his fair share of descendants in that regard. There was Joe; a man who parlayed dirty-macking (“All The Things Your Man Won’t Do”) into a step-by-step discussion of his bedroom exploits (“The Love Scene”). There was Silk who asked us to not only freak them but also meet them in the bedroom. Trey Songz’ yodels, Pretty Ricky air humping the ground (and inspiring countless bootleg dance routines to mimic it), The Weeknd, Miguel, the list goes on.

Now we have to discuss Indiana to Los Angeles singer/songwriter Ye Ali in the conversation of bedroom playlist favorites.

Ye Ali - Polaroid

For much of 2016 as he’s readied his Trap House Jodeci project, Ye’s kept himself busy and kept female listeners intertwined with his coos and pleas of sex. “Baby I’m busy, don’t wanna wait / meet me in my hotel room with lingerie,” he sings on his latest single “Polaroid”; mentally captivated by a woman but strung along with modern technology. Ye Ali wants to create a memory and remember it forever. “If you ever want her to send you a picture late at night just ask her to ‘pose for the boy’,” he states in a libidinous nature. And it works.

Consider how often you’ve ever asked a significant other for a photo, suggestive or otherwise. Ye Ali’s positioned himself from voyeur to photographer and with every loosie he’s released, he’s kept the momentum going to stretch his name and brand of R&B all over your bedroom too. We first caught wind of him last year with “Thigh Kisser”, saw him twist his first time in a strip club in Atlanta for “Cashin Out” and more. In the bedroom or wherever, Ye Ali’s making his name become a comfortable reminder for people, almost to the point where it’s the safe word if you want anything to go down.

Trap House Jodeci is slated to be released later this month but for now, we’re left to add “Polaroid” to our already growing list of Ye Ali ready made bedroom cuts. It’s a lane somebody was going to capitalize on. Why not someone, who much like another Indiana to Los Angeles star of another variety take you up on your hedonistic desires?