Episode 20 of the Good Culture Podcast discusses the tragedy in Dallas last week, #BlackLivesMatter, police shootings and race relations in America.

Last Thursday night, the Day & A Dream family was in a panic. Once downtown Dallas turned from peaceful to tragic, we began reaching out to all of our family in the Dallas area. It’s frightening to wonder and ask if friends and people you know were caught up in one of the cities most tragic situations. It’s wild to watch those same family and friends have to defend their reasons for even being downtown in the first place. Or for even defending their blackness and their position on injustice and have those statements ignored.

There have been multiple discussions and breakdowns in regards to police reform and relations in multiple municipalities, Dallas included. The Good Culture Podcast spent their 20th episode breaking down the arguments from multiple angles: community, the prevalence of poverty in the black community, why #BlackLivesMatter condemns the shooting of five police officers and the ignorant rhetoric of tying #BlackLivesMatter to a radical hate group. The healthy discussion is one of many that may have been held in Dallas in the wake of the tragedy in downtown on July 9th. It’s necessary. It’s purposeful. It’s needed.

Too many people want to be loud and right as opposed to compassionate, empathetic and rational. That is what all of this boils down to. Read the GC+ Podcast breakdown of their latest and arguably most important episode.

In the wake of a very trying week for Black America and Dallas in particular, we welcomed in two of Dallas’ own rising young black men. Educator/Philanthropist Taylor Toynes and Defense Attorney Justin Moore join us to have a serious discussion on the challenging conditions for African Americans. We all shared our views on a myriad of things that lend themselves to the hostile mistreatment of our people and our culture and things that we can do to combat them and progress as one. #BlackLivesMatter #MyDallasIsBlack #ProgressAsOne #LoveYours