Don-P - Stone Cold

Unintentionally, Donnie Houston and Hot Peez’s collaborative EP, Lagniappe, has become one of the most anticipated Houston projects of the year. The producer-rapper duo and close friends branded themselves “Don-P,” and introduced themselves to the world at large by way of their bombastic single, “Magnificent.”

When you drop something so infectious and, well, magnificent, people are bound to notice. And people are bound to want more. Peez and Donnie have been patient, even if their fans have not. Thankfully, the duo released a new joint song, “Stone Cold,” on Monday.

Barely ninety seconds in length, “Stone Cold” feels like an appetizer, a warm-up of sorts. Over Donnie’s infectious production – which is an obvious hark to the No Limit days of old – Peez settles into the instrumentation and never slows up once. “No time for fake n*ggas,” the Houston by way of New Orleans emcee insists, “’cause I’m, just tryna be great, n*gga!” Peez has insisted on Twitter that listeners “can really soul clap” to “Stone Cold”; but it’s highly likely souls won’t be the only thing clapping along to the short yet sweet cut.

Stream Donnie Houston and Hot Peez’s “Stone Cold” single for yourself down below. Don-P’s Lagniappe EP is on the way.