Z-Ro & Mike Dean have a lengthy history with one another. Mike’s home studio was the influence for Ro getting a home studio of his own. Now the two longtime Houston friends and collaborators have used their joint time in New York to discuss police brutality. “No Justice No Peace” is four minutes of Ro venting his frustrations along Mike Dean’s greasy bass lines.

Tackling not just the recent events in Baton Rouge & Falcon Heights, Ro also discusses the brazen mass shooting in Dallas that left five members of the Dallas Police Department slain. He raps, “No justice, no peace/It’s us against police/Every time I turn around, they shooting another brother down in these cold, cold streets/Shit, I can’t even go where I wanna go/’Cuz I might not even make it to the corner store/Maybe we all gon’ get shot I don’t even know no mo’/ They kill our kids, it seems like they don’t get to grow no mo’/And every time I see them cruisin’ in the hood/Bouta murder somebody thats what they doin’ in the hood/Then they wonder why I’m strapped when I be in there.”

He closes his final verse out, “Crooked officer, they in Dallas tryna’ blow the badges off of ya.”

Ro’s Drankin’ & Drivin’ album arrives this upcoming Friday with the lead singles “Women Men” & “Devil Ass City”. The Houston rapper will make an appearance on Elliott Wilson & Brian “B Dot” Miller’s Rap Radar Podcast on Monday. Hear “No Justice No Peace” with Mike Dean below.