Miguel - How Many

“Brothers and sisters, it’s time – to wake up, wake up, wake up!”

The awareness of the times seems to be hitting many mainstream artists. In the past 48 hours alone, everyone from Jay-Z to Beyonce to Houston’s own Doughbeezy and Slim Thug, have shared their frustration and exasperation with the way Black lives have been (mis)handled in the last few days.

That bug to speak out has now spread to Miguel. The singer-songwriter chose to channel his emotions into music last night, and took to his Soundcloud to unveil a track-in-progress of sorts entitled, “How Many.”

Though addressing social issues is far from new to the singer – his Kaleidoscope Dream LP featured the unifying track “Candles in the Sun,” for example – there is something about “How Many” that feels much more raw, much more unfiltered… and not just because the track is unmastered.

“I recorded this here in London in my hotel room,” Miguel shared, “between the hours of 4am and around 7am when i passed out. ill update this song every week until its complete. Please feel free to share. #blacklivesmatter”

Unfinished as it may be, “How Many” communicates even in its early stage a call to arms. Over reverberating synths, the singer goes through an array of emotions. “How many Black lives? How many gotta die, does it take to make a change?” he ponders on the track’s working hook. “How Many” is one artist’s jarring, transparent sharing of feeling, a Negro Spiritual in the making from a place we would’ve never expected.

Stream Miguel’s “How Many” in its current state down below.