Boogie The Beast

Like so many of in America right now, Boogie The Beast is mad. He may be furious, even.

The West Coast emcee has every reason to be. He’s not only a Black man, but a Black father, with a Black son; born, raised, and residing in Compton. Boogie knows, perhaps better than anyone, the risks that run Black men in America.

“Hypocrite Freestyle” is the product of Boogie’s anger. He told Twitter, literally, that the song was made “out of fear for my kid NOT promo.” Its artwork – which references a still shot of the video of Philando Castile – is too triggering to post publicly. It opens with an audio clip of the press conference with Alton Sterling’s family, his son audibly weeping in the background, and segues into Boogie’s gravelly flow, measured as though carefully choosing the words he’s going to say. “I hope that they arrest me,” Boogie snarls, “That’s better than being shot and then forgot about the next week.” Over flutes and a steady snare from frequently collaborator Keyel on the boards, the rapper’s intensity grows.

But the biggest plot twist of the track, may be when Boogie puts the spotlight on himself. The “hypocrites” aren’t just the cops – Boogie is counting himself one, too. In a biting self-critique, he admits, “I should be out here in this sh*t, not tryna make a track about it.” At least saying something, is better than doing nothing, right?

Stream Boogie’s “Hypocrite Freestyle” for yourself down below.