AMEA - Baggage Claim-cover

When Amea dropped her “Vaycay” single two months ago, it seemed like more than just a song. Yes, the singer-songwriter-lyricist from San Antonio made a breakup track; but it was also audio catharsis, her trying to avoid becoming the “Bag Lady” Erykah Badu once sang about by rebuilding what was destroyed.

But it seems the San Antonio songbird has more luggage to let go of. Amea dropped her latest EP, Baggage Claim, earlier this week; and has put the full project on Soundcloud for fans and new listeners to stream.

Seven tracks deep and produced solely by Amea herself and CJ Stevens – the same man behind the boards for “Vaycay” – Baggage Claim is easily listening, with a few dips in nostalgia tossed in by way of “skits” from childhood shows. The EP’s “Intro” alone, for example, bears an audio clip of the narrator from The Powerpuff Girls. Bamsworth Belli is Baggage Claim’s sole feature, appearing alongside AMEA on “Foolish.”

But although it’s short, there’s obvious purpose in the way in which AMEA has built the EP. There’s a reason the “Intro’s” audio clip kicks things off with the Townsville narrator proclaiming, “Today’s gonna be special and no dark cloud’s gonna darken my doorstep!”; but then disaster hits, and that spills into “Foolish,” as AMEA vents over the implosion of a relationship. The island-tinged “High” allows Amea’s lovely voice to bounce along an instrumental that’s all but summer-ready. But it’s “Quiver” that’s Baggage Claim’s strongest track. The seductive track takes off from the minute Amea coos, “I can grant your wishes” over Jay Alba and Raul Mata Jr.’s live instrumentation, and entrances the listener in a nearly four-minute slow burn.

Stream AMEA’s Baggage Claim EP for yourself in full down below.