When Dante Higgins released his King Pen EP a couple of months ago, “Black Lives Matter” was the sticking point of the whole thing. To release that track, a record pointed at the ignorance and pain of a community eating itself alive smelled like a career misstep. Yet Dante wasn’t going to budge from it. He stood by it and made it even louder and he released it as a single today. Using the tag of “Black Lives Matter” may lead listeners to think Higgins is going on a pursing of emotions at black men and women getting killed by the police and how the community at large rallies around that. But he wonders aloud, why aren’t these same emotions, this same vitriol around when black people in communities like Southlawn, Third Ward, Sunnyside, etc. shot and kill one another?

“We all have issues, every race, every religion, every walk of life, and this song simply encourages African Americans to wake up and fix the issues we have within our selves before we take on a challenging white America,” Higgins says of the track. “After a series of unexplainable, un-rational deaths of black men by individuals who are supposed to be here to serve and protect, I think you would be able to understand why some people feel as if a Black life is not valued the same as others.”

Hear the Charity EVaughn produced single below and grab Dante Higgins’ King Pen EP on iTunes now.