Childish Major decided to celebrate the Fourth of July in two ways. One, he enjoyed fireworks like any normal red-blooded American and two, it was his birthday so he instead gave his fans a gift. “Happy Birthday” gets a bit of a TDE assist as both Isaiah Rashad & SZA join in on the fun for a rather happy, melodic tune. Is Childish happy with the way his birthday song turned out? Of course he is.

Even as a newly-minted 25 year old, Childish’s mind has been all over the place. Relationship issues, the situation going on in Baton Rogue with the death of Alton Sterling, the Atlanta producer knows it and is aware of it. “Happy Birthday” attempts to mask it all a bit as Childish’s looking at the world passing one another by, barely bothering to care about one another. “Ain’t nobody care about your feelin’s, ain’t nobody here for the emotions,” he raps on the tracks first verse. Isaiah Rashad comes through on the third verse and asks the important questions and underlining all of Childish’s earlier gripes. “Why everybody doin’ the most?” he asks before needling on with more probes. “You just want somebody to blame, you just wanna be in the mix.”

Take in “Happy Birthday” from Chidlish Major, Isaiah Rashad & SZA below.