There is a video circulating the internet of Alton Sterling, a 37-year-old man being shot multiple times by Baton Rogue police officers. Alton Sterling is dead. Baton Rouge police officers who proclaimed a struggle between them and Sterling will offer “just cause” for shooting and killing him. They warned him while he was already subdued on the ground, “You fucking move, I swear to God” as if the intent to kill him for anything was already there.

You can hear a woman in the background audibly sobbing out of fear and shock as a man films the murder with his cell phone. There are already reports from News West 9 of Baton Rouge Police Chief Carl Dabadie, Jr. claiming that the police officers’ body cameras fell off – or possibly disintegrated into air like magical dust. Regardless, Alton Sterling is now a hashtag, a cold reminder of trigger warnings, of videos where state sanctioned murder of unarmed men seems to be routine. Especially when they’re men of color.

According to the New Orleans Advocate, Sterling was outside the Triple S Food Mart selling CDs. Police arrived to the scene after an anonymous caller said a man who was selling CDs outside the store had wielded a gun at someone. Witnesses on the scene confirm that Sterling was armed but did not touch his pockets or even reach for his gun during the incident. The store’s shop owner, Abdullah Muflahi reported that police retrieved a weapon from the man’s pockets.

Around 12:35 a.m., Baton Rouge police responded to the Triple S Food Mart at 2112 N. Foster Drive after an anonymous caller indicated that a man in a red shirt who was selling CDs outside the store pointed a gun at someone, telling them to leave the property, Baton Rouge Police Department spokesman Cpl. L’Jean McKneely said.

East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner William “Beau” Clark said the initial results of an autopsy performed Tuesday show Sterling died due to a homicide and suffered multiple — meaning more than two — gunshot wounds to the chest and back.

The video of Sterling’s killing, which we warn you is graphic in nature can be seen here.

“We have video from the store, we’re going to get with the store owners, get their video,” Cpl. McKneely told NewsWest9. “We have dash cam, I believe the officer had a body camera. I’m not 100 percent sure.”

The names of the two officers were not released to the public. Louisiana came under fire two months ago after signing a Blue Lives Matter law, which proclaims that any action of physical harm taken against a public safety worker falls under the same provisions as a hate crime.

According to, Louisiana is among 13 states where interrogations of police officers is restricted. Per the Louisiana Police Bill of Rights, “the police employee or law enforcement officer shall be granted up to thirty days to secure such representation, during which time all questioning shall be suspended.”

Which means, the death of Alton Sterling could become the big issue for Baton Rogue this summer. And ultimately, another hashtag for Black Lives Matter supporters and supporters of police reform to remember.