Maxwell - Fingers Crossed

In less than 24 hours, Maxwell will finally release blackSUMMERS’night, the second in his planned ‘blacksummers’ trilogy and his first album since 2009’s blacksummers’night. Maxwell has paved the way to his comeback LP with solid single after solid single, from “Lake By The Ocean” to “1990x” to “Gods.” Now, Maxwell has opted to give fans one taste of what’s to come – the crooner took to YouTube to premiere not one, but two additional tracks from the album, in “Fingers Crossed” and “Hostage.”

“Fingers Crossed” may be the more day party-friendly offering of the two. Keeping in step with the upbeat feel of “All The Ways Love Can Feel,” “Fingers Crossed” rides along on a percussion-driven instrumental seemingly lifted from a ’70s Blaxploitation flick. The lyric video itself has a Black man translating the lyrics in sign language; it’s a simple yet creative touch to the four-and-a-half minute track, over which Maxwell tries to convince a woman to cast her fears and past mistakes aside and let him love her. “Maybe your love is just one big mistake,” Maxwell admits, but he insists he’s up for the challenge.

The singer slows things down for “Hostage,” a four-minute affair that’s just as worthy of two stepping with your lover along to. Soft tapping drums and strings lay a smooth foundation for Maxwell’s voice to melt into and weave in and out of. It’s all but a grown folks’ lullaby, except listeners won’t have sleep in mind while listening.

Stream both “Fingers Crossed” and “Hostage” down below. Maxwell’s blackSUMMERS’night LP touches down in stores and online July 1st, though the album can pre-ordered now on iTunes.