DJ AudiTory x Vonzilla - Houston Trend Tape

Good things just tend to happen whenever DJ AudiTory and Jay-Von join forces. AudiTory’s ability to curate sounds and chop songs to perfection, coupled with the Mo. City emcee’s constantly evolving flow and overall charisma on wax, make the two as unbeatable a duo as Hakeem and Clyde in ’95.

That became apparent on the two’s last collaboration, LuvItMane Live!, back in March- Tory put his chops to work and Jay-Von played “host” on the tape, even sliding a new track of his own into the mix.

So it made perfect sense for the two to be sought out by Elliot Guidry, the owner and Editor-in-Chief of HoustonTREND Magazine. As someone who’s literally built a career on finding the pulse of local sound and giving them proper spotlight, DJ AudiTory and Jay-Von were just the people Guidry was looking for. Their powers combined and then some to create the first-ever HoustonTREND-branded mixtape, aptly titled, TRENDTape Vol. 1. 

“I knew who I needed to get this done after hearing the LuvItMane mixtape,” Guidry said, after premiering the project on HoustonTREND’s website. “I have been sitting on this idea for the longest, wanting the dopest tracks from the dopest Houston artists with a true-to-Houston feel.”

Guidry selected 18 tracks solely from Houston artists, both established and on the rise, and put them in AudiTory’s trusted hands to slow them down. You’ve heard most of these names before: BeatKing. Killa Kyleon. Hot Peez & Donnie Houston aka Don-P. OneHunnidt. Rizzoo Rizzoo. Lil’ O. Le$ and ESG. DeLorean. Jay-Von even abandons hosting duties temporarily to drop a “Swangin’ N Bangin’ Freestyle” (Von’s collab with Bobby Earth from LuvItMane Live! “Flossin’,” also makes an appearance). It all comes together, chopped and screwed, for one grand, styrofoam cup-powered soundtrack.

But TRENDTape Vol. 1 also lays a foundation for the magazine brand’s summer plans. Guidry insists that Vol. 1 is the start of a series, with the tapes to come having “exclusive freestyles” from Houston artists, as well.  This, in addition to the fact that HoustonTREND is hosting a concert in August, the “Cold Summer Jam,” so named after the upcoming short film starring Doughbeezy and Q. Guyton.

Stream the HoustonTREND Tape Vol. 1 for yourself via, and download the project for free here.