DaniLeigh - Only Wun

Three years ago, Danielle Leigh Curiel was simply “DaniCurlyFryz” – an aspiring singer-songwriter whose other talent – dance – caught the eyes of a certain Purple person. Dani’s footwork and skill was impressive enough for the young girl to both help choreograph and star in the official music video for Prince’s then-unattached “Breakfast Can Wait” single. Though only 18 (!) at the time, Prince allegedly gave her full creative control over the choreography.

In the time since, “DaniCurlyFryz” has molded her evolution, now going by the moniker “Dani Leigh.” She has partnered with her sister musically, tinkering with her sound; cultivated her own solo songs by way of her Soundcloud and YouTube channels; and teased fans and friends alike with videos of her dance projects across social media. Like many in her industry, Dani Leigh (pronounced “Dani LAY”) took her talents to the West Coast (Los Angeles, specifically) – a far cry from her native South Florida origins.

Over the last several months, the now 21-year-old Dani Leigh has dropped a couple singles: “D.O.S.E.,” a cover mashup of Bryson Tiller, Drake, and Tory Lanez singles; and, more recently, her lovey-dovey pop-n-B single, “It’s Just Us,” back in February. But it’s “Only Wun,” Leigh’s latest single released last week, that may finally propel the lovely songbird into the spotlight.

Produced by Yonni and Colin Rahim, and co-written by Kesington Kross, Francci Richard, and Leigh herself, “Only Wun” is vulnerable and seductive. It starts with a slow build of strings, seemingly rolling out a red carpet for Leigh’s voice to proclaim with a confident ferocity, “Boy, you should know how to treat a lady!” From there, a double-time snare and synths play the background to Dani Leigh’s stirring vocals as she outlines how the man in her life drives her crazy in a good way. She almost ventures into Tiller’s world of “trap soul,” but Leigh’s sound thrives on pure emotion – hypnotic, alluring, and irresistible.

#ThePulse is strong with Dani Leigh; and hopefully “Only Wun” isn’t the only one (no pun intended) Leigh has in the chamber for 2016. Stream Dani Leigh’s “Only Wun” single for yourself down below; the single is currently out now on iTunes.

As an added bonus, you can watch the James Davis II-directed official music video for “Only Wun” – and hence be entranced by Dani’s bedroom eyes, curly hair, and coyly looking over her shoulder at the camera – down below, as well.